Wooden Trucks Transylvania provides unique and highly complex handmade wooden toy trucks, with 740 components that can be completely disassembled and reassembled.

They are expensive toys and gifts for the big boys, corporate gifts, but also an original interior design piece.

These wooden toys are designed and handcrafted by myself, Dan Butiri, with pride, in Romania.
I have created a completely new product, with a totally different concept as to what the market had to offer, a product that would bring more satisfaction to the buyer, to amaze and to excite.

Wooden Trucks Transylvania models have an original design, which allows for all the pieces to be dismantled and a maximum of functional elements. This concept is highly difficult to implement and makes them unique in the trade.
The design is a representation of the romanian army truck "DAC 665T" and two civilian versions.

For tech buffs and collectors, our wooden toy trucks are intended to be the most complex models, from a functional point of view, on the market.

My dearest clients, my dearest friends, you will be pleased to know that on these models you can open the cabin doors for inside access and you can maneuver the steering. In addition every toy truck has other specific functional elements, whose sturdiness allows repeated actions without fear of breaking down. A great challenge for you is the possibility of disassembling/assembling any piece on these models.

All models are handcrafted out of high finish beech wood. The body of the toy trucks is made out of 5.2mm thick wood sheets.
No lacquer is used.
No glue is used.

Assembly is made with flat head screws. Every toy truck has at least 240 wooden pieces, handcrafted, whose assembly requires at least 500 screws. It all adds up to a number of at least 740 components.
Bolting together such a high number of components increases the complexity. At least 8 weeks are required for completing a model.

These wooden toy trucks can be offered as gifts for boys older than 10 and especially for adults, parents or grandparents. Do you know other objects that can capture the interest of three generations at the same time?

These trucks, personalized with the logo of your company, can be offered as corporate gifts to business partners or can complete your company's booth at various occasions: exhibits, conferences, fares.

Also they can represent a surprising element in an interior design arrangement.

You should be glad that you can offer an unique gift and be even happier if you received such an expensive gift.